Can I switch back to a previous version of Yahoo Mail?

While it's not possible to switch back to an earlier version of Yahoo Mail, we feel this is the best version ever and would like to hear what you think.

Why can't I switch back?

Previous versions of Yahoo Mail have been discontinued and it's now necessary to use the latest version.

Do more with Yahoo Mail

  • Quickly find the most recent message in long email threads with conversations and personalize the look of your email account with new themes.
  • Multitask in your mail. Keep multiple emails open in tabs and easily access your recent history.

Many Yahoo Mail features that used to be paid-for features are now free

  • POP Access.
  • Automatic email forwarding.
  • Disposable Email Addresses.
  • 100 extra filters.

Your mail is more secure

Yahoo Mail uses https to protect your emails.

1 TB Terabyte of storage

All the room to keep the emails, photos and videos you want, and even those you don't.

Improved photo and file sharing

Dropbox and Flickr integration gives you more options for sending large files and sharing photos.

Learn more

Get more info about these features in our "Get started with Yahoo Mail" help article.

Ad Free Yahoo Mail

Want to use Yahoo Mail without ads? Read about  Yahoo Mail Ad Free Mail.

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