Matchup recaps

With this exciting new feature, powered by Automated Insights, you can read the tale of how your weekly matchup progressed, and the genius or regrettable decisions that led to the outcome.

Matchup recaps offer a way to really analyze and critique your decision making. Each week the headline will tell it how it is, followed by a fun summary of the final result.

To access matchup recaps:

  1. Make sure you are signed into Yahoo.
  2. Select the league you want to check on.
  3. Select the Matchups | Last Week's Recap.

 Matchup summary

Sections of the recap include:

  • Top Players - A quick glance at who the top scoring players in the matchup
  • Smooth Moves - Wise decisions that paid off in lots of sweet Fantasy Points
  • Toyota Missed Opportunities - Regrettable player performances that make you question who really deserves a spot on your roster
  • What If - How would you have matched up against the other teams in your league?
  • Game Notes - Insights and analysis down to the smallest detail
  • Graphs - covers points by position, Top players, game flow, and projected vs. actual points

 Heads up: Matchup recaps don't update to reflect any stat corrections applied to matchup scores after the recap's publication.

Sharing matchup recaps

You can now share your recap with other friends who aren't in your league. 

  1. Click Recap for the matchup you are seeking to publish.
  2. Post on your favorite social network, such as Twitter, tumblr, Facebook or by email by using our social buttons.

Matchup Recaps social buttons

Managers can also share a matchup recap by copying the URL of the recap they are seeking to share. The URL can then be posted to popular sites, such as Reddit.

 Keep in mind: Team names can be publicly viewable in recaps, so if your team name contains personal information, you may want to consider changing your team name. While, team names can be publicly viewable, custom logos aren't, so no need to worry about changing your logo.