Browser warning message about unsecured content

You have activated SSL, and you are attempting to access content that was not delivered with SSL encryption.

While SSL is on, it is still possible to access content that is not secured with SSL protection. This is because some content you receive in your email inbox, such as a message with in-line images, is not delivered with SSL encryption.

Depending on your browser type and your browser’s settings, you may receive a warning message when opening insecure content. These warnings don’t prevent you from accessing unsecured content; in some cases, though, you need to let your browser know that it’s okay to proceed.

Possible browser warning messages:

  • Internet Explorer 8 and above: A pop-up asks: “Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?” To still view the content, click No.  (Please note with Internet Explorer 7 you should click Yes
  • Firefox: A red exclamation point may appear in the bottom right of the browser window. Note that this does not prevent you from proceeding.
  • Firefox on Mac: You may see this warning when Yahoo Mail loads.  You can click OK to continue.
  • Chrome: A yellow box triangle appears over the lock icon in the web address bar. Note that this does not prevent you proceeding.    
  • Safari: No visible warning appears, but you will see a warning if you view your browser’s console window.