Tag keywords in Flickr

Having descriptive keyword tags on your photos makes them easier to find in a Flickr search. Add up to 75 of your own tags and we'll try to help out by adding tags for you with image recognition technology.

Get familiar with autotags

Info on our image recognition technology

Flickr’s image recognition analyzes the contents of images to determine the most appropriate tags to help find your images in a search. The process is automated, so no humans are involved in tagging your photos. Like any pattern recognition software, image recognition sometimes makes mistakes. You can remove incorrect tags from your photos to correct the error. This also helps retrain the system to perform more accurately.

We respect your privacy settings. Other people can only find photos you've marked as public. You can opt to hide your images from search results.

Distinguish between tags you add and tags Flickr adds

Tags you add show up in dark gray.

5 keywords in dark gray boxes

Tags added by Flickr show up with a gray outline.

4 keywords bordered with a gray outline

Add and remove your tags or hide autotags

Add keyword tags

Separate single word tags with spaces and add phrases in quotes.

One photo at a time

  1. Click any of your photos to open it.
  2. Below the image, click Add tags.
  3. Enter a tag word, then press the Enter key.

Multiple photos at once

  1. Mouse over You | select Camera Roll.
  2. Select one or more items.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. In the "Add new tags" field, enter your keywords.
  5. Click Save.

  Tagging tips - Explore other tips at Tag suggestions and Tag case studies.

Remove keyword tags

You can remove both tags you create and ones Flickr has added for you.

One photo at a time

  1. Open a photo that's been tagged.
  2. Scroll down to "Tags."
  3. Mouse over a tag | click X.

Delete a tag from all of your photos

  1. Mouse over You | select About.
  2. Click the number above "tags."
  3. Click Delete beside the tag.
  4. Click Delete, then click OK to confirm.

Hide autotags added by Flickr

If you don't want to see the tags that Flickr has added for you, you can simply hide them for yourself and others.

  1. Click your Buddy icon.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click the Privacy & Permissions tab.
  4. Beside "Show autotags," click edit.
  5. Deselect Yes, show autotags, then click Save.