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Understand stats and scoring situations in Fantasy Baseball

Baseball has quite a few stats to stay on top of. We can help explain how they’re earned and when they’re scored.


Holds are not an official MLB statistical category: You may find that different statistical services use a different criteria, which is why holds reflected in box scores may not appear in your team scoring.

A hold can be earned by more than one reliever and is credited when the reliever comes into a save situation, records at least 1 out, and gives way to another reliever without giving up the lead. Exception: A hold won’t be credited if the save situation is for "effectively pitching for at least three innings." Additional scoring situations:
  • A pitcher can earn both a loss and a hold in the same game. To earn a hold, a pitcher need only exit the game without surrendering the lead.
  • A pitcher can earn both a win and a hold in the same game. This may happen if the starting pitcher fails to complete at least 5 innings. When this occurs, the official scorer will credit the win to the pitcher they feel was most effective [MLB Rule 10.19(c)].
  • If the win is awarded to the pitcher who also met the criteria for a hold, that pitcher will be credited with both a win and a hold in Yahoo Fantasy Baseball.

Blown Save

A pitcher is charged with a Blown Save when he enters the game in a save situation and leaves the game having given up that lead, regardless of which pitcher is officially charged with the runs that are allowed.

Quality Starts

In order for a pitcher to be credited with a "Quality Start" (QS):

  • He must be the starter.
  • He must allow three or less earned runs.
  • He needs to pitch a minimum of 6 innings.

Qualifying for a Save

According to Rule 10.19 of the Official Baseball Rules a pitcher must meet the following conditions:

  • Not the winning pitcher.
  • Finishing pitcher in a game won by his club.
  • Credited with at least 1/3 of an inning pitched.
And he satisfies one of the following conditions:
  • Pitches for at least 3 innings.
  • Enters the game with a lead of no more than 3 runs and pitches for at least 1 inning.
  • Enters the game, regardless of the count, with the potential tying run either on base, at bat, or on deck.

Pitchers' Offensive Stats

Pitchers won’t be credited for offensive stats they may earn. Since players receive scoring only in the categories listed for their respective position, position players who appear as a pitcher won’t receive credit for pitching stats.

Complete Game/Shutout Game

  • Complete Game - A pitcher is credited with a complete game when he is the only pitcher for his team for the duration of the entire game, including extra innings.
  • Shutout Game - A pitcher is credited with a shutout when he pitches a complete game without allowing a run. If 2 or more pitchers combine to pitch a shutout, neither will be credited with a shutout.

What INF means for pitchers

The ERA or WHIP for a pitcher will be displayed as INF for the day if he gives up earned runs (or hits and walks for WHIP) while failing to record an out.

  • ERA = (Earned Runs / Innings Pitched) * 9
  • WHIP = (Walks + Hits) / Innings Pitched
A pitcher's K/BB (strikeout-to-walk) ratio will display as INF for the day if he accumulates strikeouts in a game without issuing a walk. It's not possible to divide a number by 0, so our system reflects the number as INF. The totals recorded by that player are still added to team totals when ERA, WHIP and K/BB are calculated. For example:
  • Smith: 0 IP, 3 ER = INF ERA
  • Jones: 3 IP, 1 ER = 3.00 ERA
  • Total: 3 IP, 4 ER = 12.00 ERA

Pickoffs and Caught Stealing

For a Pickoff to be credited in Fantasy Baseball, the base runner must be put out returning to the base and without making any move toward the next base. If a pitcher throws to a base to pick off a base runner, and the runner breaks for the next base on the play, the pitcher isn't credited with a pickoff on the play if an out is recorded. The play will be officially credited as Caught Stealing.

How a pitcher qualifies for a win

A pitcher is credited with a win under the following conditions:
  • He's pitched at least 5 complete innings and his team in the lead when he is replaced and remains in the lead for the duration of the game.
  • When the starting pitcher isn’t credited with the win, the win is awarded to the relief pitcher judged by the scorer to have been the most effective, or who is the pitcher of record when his team assumes the lead and maintains it to the finish of the game.

One-game playoffs and/or makeup game

If a one-game playoff is needed to determine a Division or Wild Card winner, scoring from this game won’t be applied to Fantasy leagues. The Fantasy season isn't extended for rain-outs or makeup games played after the regular season is scheduled to end.