Waivers in Fantasy Sports

Since most team managers aren't available 24/7 to run their teams, our leagues use a "waiver" system at certain times to keep things fair and give everyone an equal shot at adding players to their roster.

How waivers work

Whenever a player gets dropped from a team's roster, they don't become a free agent right away. Instead, they're placed on "waivers" for a period of time.

During that waiver period, each team in the league (except the team that dropped them) is able to place a "claim" that says they'd like to add the player to their roster.

At the end of the waiver period, the team with the highest "waiver priority" (continuous waivers) or the team that makes the highest "bid" (FAAB waivers) is awarded the player.

If nobody makes a claim on a player, they'll become a free agent and they'll be eligible to be added by the first team that wants them.

Waiver period length and processing schedule

All Public and Pro Leagues use a 2-day waiver period. Custom Leagues waiver periods can last anywhere between 0-7 days.

To view the length of your league's waiver period, click Scoring & Settings from your league's homepage.

Example (using a 2-day waiver period)

Monday (anytime) Player is dropped/appears on waivers
Tuesday (all day) Waiver period - Day 1
Wednesday (all day) Waiver period - Day 2
Wednesday (11:59:59 PM PST) Deadline to submit a waiver claim
Thursday (early morning) Waiver claim processed (within 4-8 hours of the claim deadline)

When the player becomes eligible on your roster

"Daily - Today" Rosters Thursday when the claim is processed
"Daily - Tomorrow" Rosters Friday morning
"Daily on Monday" Rosters Monday after the claim is processed

Waiver claim priority

In leagues using "continuous" waivers, all waiver claims are awarded based on your league's waiver priority.

If multiple teams make a claim on a player, the team with the highest priority is awarded the player -- but it also means they'll be moved to bottom of the waiver priority list (the "rolling" list stays in effect for the entire season).

Each team's current waiver priority ranking is listed along with the league's standings in the "waiver" column. The team ranked #1 on the list has the highest (or best) waiver priority.

Starting priorities for live and auto-pick drafts

Initial waiver priorities are determined by the reverse draft order (the team that picks last starts with the highest waiver priority).

Starting priorities for offline drafts

By default, initial waiver priorities are determined by when teams registered for the league (the last team to register starts with the highest waiver priority).

If the commissioner customizes the league's draft order prior to the draft, then the league's initial waiver priorities will be determined by the reverse draft order (the team that picks last starts with the highest waiver priority).

Find your waiver priority

  1. Sign in to your fantasy league.
  2. Select the League tab.
  3. You will find the waiver list on the Overview page, just to the right of the "Streak" column. 

Team standings page can also be used by commissioners to change the waiver priority; select the Waiver Priority link below the team standings list.

Special waiver processing rules and notes

  • If someone adds a free agent to their roster, but then drops them the same day, the player will skip waivers and become a free agent again immediately.
  • If you drop a player and your league uses FAAB waivers, you can reclaim the player if you place the highest bid on them.
  • If you place a claim on more than 1 player at a time, each pending claim will appear on your team's page. Each claim will be listed along with its position in your waiver order chronologically by when the player clears waivers.
    • To alter the priority of your claims, just view the pending claim and change its priority in the box provided.
  • If a player still shows as being on waivers at the end of their waiver period, it means someone is being awarded the player, but their claim hasn't been processed yet.
  • If 2 teams both make successful waiver claims, waiver priority will be determined by the order in which the claims were submitted. The 1st claim to be submitted would be processed, followed by the 2nd team's submission. This means that the 2nd team to make a claim would have the lowest waiver priority afterwards, and the 1st team would have the second lowest.

Commissioner abilities

Release all unowned players to Free Agency

In all Public and Pro Leagues, players that aren't selected in the draft are placed on waivers.

Custom League commissioners can opt to release all unowned players to free agency immediately. Here's how.

From your league's homepage:

  1. Click Commissioner.
  2. Under "League Management," click Edit League Settings.
  3. Next to "After draft, make all unowned players," select Free Agents.
  4. Click Submit.

Edit waiver priority and cancel waiver claims

Edit the waiver priority of your claims

From your league's homepage:

  1. Click My Team.
  2. Next to "Edit Waiver Priority," click Edit.
  3. Select a priority from the pull-down menus for each Waiver listed.
  4. Click Change Priority.

If you have multiple waiver claims set to process on different dates, they'll automatically be listed in chronological order. This order can't be changed.

Cancel a pending waiver claim

From your league's homepage:

  1. Click My Team.
  2. Next to the Waiver description, click View Details.
  3. Click Cancel Waiver.