About rainouts, doubleheaders, and cancelled or suspended games in Fantasy Baseball

Weather and other factors can change the status of a game in the MLB. Use this guide to see how that might affect your fantasy players.


If a player’s game is officially postponed (PPD), you can move that player to the bench and swap him out for another player on your roster even after the game's originally scheduled start time. Note that if any stats have been counted for the game (for any player) before the game is postponed, the roster position will remain locked and cannot be edited.

Players in games with a status of delayed will be locked. Only when the game is officially postponed will the player be unlocked.


If a player's team has a doubleheader, their roster position can't be changed after the team's first game starts. The player can earn stats from each game if they play in both.

Cancelled games

If a game is cancelled before 5 innings have been completed then any stats that have been earned by players are cleared during the overnight update and the game is deemed 'unofficial'. Since stats aren't retroactively applied for makeup games, any stats earned during a makeup game will be applied to the week in which it's played.

Suspended games

When a game is suspended, all player scoring up until the suspension is applied. The remainder of the game's scoring for all players will be applied retroactively once play resumes using stat corrections. Since stat corrections are only processed on Mondays, there may be a posting delay.

Exception - In Head-to-head Categories, Points or One Win leagues corrections will only be processed if they apply to the most recently completed matchup.