How player pools are determined in Fantasy Baseball

Choosing the best players for your team is crucial to winning your Fantasy Baseball league. Top prospects and new players will be available at different times based on your league's settings and are still subject to your team's waiver rules.

  The "Available Players" setting can't change post draft - Neither commissioners nor Yahoo Customer Care are able to edit this setting once the league has drafted for the season.

View available players and roster updates

  1. From Yahoo Fantasy, mouse over Fantasy | select a sport.
  2. From your league's homepage, click Players.
  3. Click MLB Roster Changes.

Player pool options

  • MLB teams will have 25 players on their active roster until September 1st.
  • After September 1st, all players on their 40-man roster will be eligible to be used.
  • During spring training any player already in our system who is on a MLB 40-man roster may show as "active" until the regular season begins.

"As soon as Yahoo adds them" option

If this option is enabled, players are available as soon as they're added to a team's 40-man roster. While players outside the 25-man roster may not be used in the regular season, you can claim your stake early.

"Wait until called up to the Majors" option

If you have this setting enable, you won't be able to use a player in the regular season until they've been called up to the Majors and are part of a team's 25-man roster.