Players added to "Available Players" in Fantasy Baseball

Our Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball experts always add a comprehensive set of top prospects and new players to the game before we launch for the season.

During the season, new players and top prospects are added to the game once they've been finalized as a player in the MLB system, or added to an active roster. However, prospects added during the season will only appear in your league if your league commissioner has enabled the "As soon as Yahoo adds them" setting for new player adds.

Keep in mind, anytime that we add new players to the "available players" pool, they're always subject to your league's waiver rules.

View all available players and roster updates

  1. From your league's homepage, click Players.
  2. Click MLB Roster Changes.

If your league uses the "Wait until called up to the Majors" setting, prospects may not be available in the player pool until after their first actual MLB game is played, after which they'll be added to the pool (subject to waivers).

Good to know

  • Neither a league Commissioner or a Yahoo Sports Customer Care representative can change the "Available Players" setting post-draft.
  • During spring training, any player already in our system who is on an MLB team's 40-man roster may appear as active until the start of the regular season.
  • Teams may announce their intention to call up a prospect, they may not make the actual transaction doing so until the day of their MLB debut.
  • Similarly, prospects who make an MLB team out of spring training won't appear on an MLB roster until teams finalize their active rosters (prior to their season opener).
  • MLB teams can have 25 players on the active roster until September 1st. After that, all players on their 40-man roster are eligible to be used.

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