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Determine position eligibility and rookie status in Fantasy Baseball

Players changing positions can affect how you manage your team. Their positions are determined based on info from the MLB roster and past performance. Once the player has gained eligibility, they won't lose it even if they don't make additional appearances in the season.

Determine eligibility or rookie status

The number of games a player completes determines rookie status or player eligibility.

  • Position eligibility – 5 starts or 10 total appearances in a position.
  • Pitcher eligibility – 3 starts to be a starter, or 5 relief appearances to qualify as a reliever.
  • Rookie status – less than 130 at-bats, 50 pitched innings, or 45 days on the active roster for a Major League club during the 25 player limit.

Use the position eligibility countdown

The number under each position shows how many games remain until the player is eligible for that position. If an "E" appears in the column, they're already eligible to play.

  1. Under the "Players" tab, click Position Eligibility.
  2. Type the player's name into the available field.
  3. Click Search.