Overview of trading in Fantasy Sports

If Free Agency can't fulfill your team needs, try getting the player you want from one of your league's teams. You can propose, decline, veto, and even counteroffer trades with your fellow managers.

  Do your homework first! Before you craft your proposal, check out what other teams are giving up for the player you want to trade in the Yahoo Fantasy Sports Trade Market.

Propose a trade

From your league's homepage,

  1. Click the team you want to trade with.
  2. Click the Propose Trade icon Propose trade icon. next to the player you want to acquire.
  3. Optional: Select any additional players from the team you're proposing a trade with.
  4. Select your team's player(s) that you're willing to give up.
  5. Click Continue or Evaluate Trade:
    • Continue - Enter an optional note for the opposing team's owner, then click Send Trade Proposal.
    • Evaluate Trade - Do further analysis to determine if this is the right trade to propose. Click Send Trade Proposal when you're done.

You'll return to your team's page where you'll see a "You have proposed a trade to..." note. Click View Details next to the note for additional info, like when the trade will be reflected if it's accepted.

After you've submitted your trade proposal

The other team's manager will be notified that you sent a trade offer via both:

  • An email from Yahoo Sports with your trade proposal
  • An alert on their team's page

The other manager will have 10 days to either accept, reject, or counter your trade proposal. If they don't respond in that time, your trade offer will be withdrawn.

Trade acceptance and review

  Important - Once a proposed trade has been accepted and is displayed as pending, the teams making the trade can no longer cancel the trade. We understand that offers may be accepted in error, but Yahoo Sports can't interfere in the trade review process in Public or Custom Leagues.

  • All Public Leagues use the "League Votes" trade review setting with a "reject time" of 2 days. If 4 or more managers object within 2 days, the trade is vetoed.
  • All Pro Leagues use Yahoo Trade Review as their trade review setting.
  • In Custom Leagues, commissioners can choose League Votes, or they can opt for Commissioner Review of all trades during league configuration.

After the trade has been accepted and the review period has ended, Yahoo Sports processes the trade and updates each team's roster according to your roster change setting.

Custom League commissioners can set their league's reject time anywhere from 0-7 days. If they select 0 days, all trades will be processed immediately once they're accepted.

Respond to a trade offer

The choice is yours! Accept, reject, or respond with a counteroffer to a trade that's been proposed to you.

Learn more by checking out our "Respond to trade offers" help article and review what happens with each trade response below.

Trade Response Result
Rejected You'll receive an email and notification saying they've rejected your offer.
Counteroffer made You'll receive an email and notification with their counteroffer.
Trade Review - "League Votes"
All team managers receive an email and notification about the trade offer, and the trade is subject to review by the league.
Trade Review - "Commissioner"
You and the commissioner are notified that the trade was accepted, and the trade is subject to review by the commissioner.

Veto a trade

You have the ability to veto trades that seem blatantly unfair in your league. Learn how in our help article.