Set up divisional play in your fantasy league

During league configuration, Commissioners have the option of either leaving teams in 1 division or breaking the league up into 2, 3, or 4 divisions.

Enable Divisions

From your league's homepage:

  1. Click Commissioner.
  2. Click Edit League Settings.
  3. Next to "Divisions," select Yes.
  4. Click Submit.

Once you've configured your league to use divisions, the Edit Divisions tool will activate. With this tool, a Commissioner can:

  • Change division names (all season)
  • Assign teams to different divisions (until scoring begins)

Consider the following when configuring a league to use a multi-division format:

  • In multi-division leagues, all teams draft from a single pool of players (for example, when using the 2 division format, it isn't possible for the same player to be owned by 1 team in each division).
  • The league schedule is generated automatically but can later be customized using the Edit Schedule tool.
  • Playoff Seeding Options can be set from the Edit League Settings page. When using divisions you do one of the following:
    • Award division winners the top seeds.
    • Advance division winners, but seed teams according to overall standings.
    • Seed all teams regardless of divisions based on overall standings.