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Waivers in Fantasy Football

In public and pro leagues, a waiver system is used for unclaimed players to help maintain a competitive balance for roster changes.

About waivers

During certain time periods, unclaimed players become subject to a waiver system that allows every team owner a fair shot to pick them up.

After the draft, each owner is assigned a waiver priority (usually in reverse order of draft position) for use in making waiver claims.

While a player is on waivers, every owner is provided the same opportunity to claim them for their roster.

The owner with the highest waiver priority making a claim a player gets to add them to their team, and is subsequently moved to the end of the waiver priority order.

If no one claims a player before the end of the waiver period, they'll become a free agent and can be added by any owner.

Waiver periods

In public and pro leagues, unclaimed free agents are subject to a waiver periods at specific times during the season.

Weekly waivers

  • Free agents playing in a game - Waivers begin once their game begins and end at 11:59 PM, PST on Tuesday.
  • Free agents on a bye week - Waivers begin at 5:30 PM, PST on Monday following their bye and end at 11:59 PM, PST on Tuesday.

Other waivers

  • Post-draft - 2 days
  • When a player is dropped by an owner - 2 days
  • When a player is added to the game by Yahoo Sports - 2 days

Once a waiver period is over, claims will display on the league's transactions log within a few hours. During the lag time, free agent acquisitions won't affect the waiver priority order.

  Did you know? Private league commissioners can define their own custom waiver settings -- like FAAB waivers -- or even exclude waivers altogether.

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