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Fix Yahoo Mail sending and receiving problems with POP mail clients

If you're unable to send and/or receive your Yahoo Mail messages using your POP mail client, our steps will help get things working again.

Step 1: Enabling POP

Make sure you've set up POP access in Yahoo Mail. Learn how to enable POP access.

Step 2: Check the account settings in your email client

  1. In your email client, go to the account settings for your Yahoo Mail account.
    - If you need help with this step, please see the support site for your email client's distributor:
  2. Verify the settings required to set up Yahoo Mail in your email client.
    - Click your email client below for more info:

Step 3: Check your security software

  1. Temporarily disable any security software installed.
  2. Check your network equipment to see if it's blocking the Yahoo POP and SMTP servers or ports.
    - Try a different outgoing port.
  3. Ask your ISP or network administrator if the modem or software you are using has a firewall feature that may block the mail ports.

  Need help with these steps? We recommend contacting your security software/network equipment manufacturer or Internet service provider for assistance.

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