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Sync or access your calendar on multiple devices and applications

Yahoo Calendar uses the CalDAV internet standard and iCal (ICS) file format to allow access to your calendar. You can sync or access your calendar across many applications, mobile devices, and desktop computers.

Sync Yahoo Calendar with mobile device calendar apps

Sync your Yahoo Calendar with an iPhone or iPad.

You can sync Yahoo Calendar with other CalDAV supported devices. Steps vary by device, but you must enter your Yahoo ID and password as well as the CalDAV URL associated with your account.

Enter this server URL in your device settings:

Sync Yahoo Calendar with calendar applications

Yahoo Calendar syncs with applications that support the iCal (ICS) format. Consult the application user documentation or contact its manufacturer for support.

Access Yahoo Calendar from an unsupported device

If your device doesn't support CalDAV, you can access your Yahoo Calendar by browsing to:
Sign in with your Yahoo ID and password.