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Yahoo Answers points and levels

Points help build your reputation as a trusted resource and help you become an all around Yahoo Answers community expert! As long as you follow our Community Guidelines, you'll earn points for your participation in the community. Check out our points and levels table or see a quick breakdown of points below.

Use and earn points

  • Use 5 points to ask a question.
  • Earn 2 points by answering questions.
  • Lose 10 points by violating our Community Guidelines.
  • Earn 10 points if your answer is selected as the Favorite Answer.

Move up levels to ask and answer more frequently

As your level increases, your daily limits and abilities grow. URLs you post won't be clickable until you reach level 3, for example.

  • Level 1 - 5 questions and 20 answers
  • Level 2 (250 points) - 10 questions and 80 answers
  • Level 3 (1000 points) - 15 questions and 120 answers
  • Level 4 (2500 points) - 20 questions and 160 answers
  • Level 5 (5000 points) - 20 questions and 160 answers
  • Level 6 (10000 points) - 20 questions and 160 answers
  • Level 7 (25000 points) - 20 questions and 160 answers