Overview of Yahoo Sports Site Credit

Any site credit(s) you receive may be applied towards the entry fees of paid Yahoo Daily Fantasy contests. Yahoo Sports Site Credit allows you to participate in paid Yahoo Daily Fantasy contests by offsetting the cost of the paid contest entry fee and will be automatically applied prior to any option to use YSRP or cash. 

Does Site Credit Expire?

Site Credit expires in accordance with the Rewards Terms and specific site credit offers may expire according to the timeframe noted in the site credit offering. Applying site credit may extend the expiration date of your entire site credit balance. However, if you do not enter any contests, which will apply your site credit, by the expiration date, you will lose your remaining balance. Earning site credit may also extend the expiration date of your entire site credit balance.

Can I save my Site Credit?

There is no option to use cash instead of available site credit when entering a paid contest. Your site credit will automatically be applied towards your entry fee.

How is Site Credit earned?

Site credit can be earned through promotions.

Can I withdraw my Site Credit?

No, site  credit is non-withdrawable, has no cash value, and can only be used on eligible paid Yahoo Daily Fantasy contests.

How much is Site Credit worth?

For purposes of entering into paid Yahoo Daily Fantasy contests, $1 site credit may be applied in lieu of paying $1 USD.

Where can I use my Site Credit?

You can use your site credit to enter paid Yahoo Daily Fantasy contests. Your site credit will be automatically applied to the contest entry fee. If the cost of the contest entry fee is more than your balance, you may pay the difference using YSRP or cash. If the cost of the contest entry fee is less than your site credit balance, the remaining site credit will stay in your wallet until you enter another paid Yahoo Daily Fantasy contest.

Where can I check my Site Credit Balance?

Your site credit balance is displayed in your Yahoo Fantasy Wallet.

What is the current balance activity period?

The current balance activity period is 7 days.

How will I know when my Site Credit expires?

The expiration date of your site credit will appear in your Yahoo Fantasy Wallet with your current site credit balance.

How many Site Credits can I earn from a promotion?

Currently site credits are awarded per person and not per entry. If a contest offering site credit offers multiple entries, site credit will be awarded to that person once and not per entry into that contest.