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Head-to-Head regular season tiebreakers in Yahoo Fantasy

Tiebreakers for the regular season standings are determined through wild cards and division championships. This is not a setting that can be customized and is the same across all Public and Private Leagues. This information can help in determining how you can win a spot in your Yahoo Fantasy League playoffs!

Winning percentage calculation based on your W-L-T record

This calculation is used to determine standings and is used for tiebreakers.

  • Calculation used: (Wins + [Ties * 0.5]) / Total Games Played = Winning Percentage
  • Example: If the W-L-T record is 22-15-3, the calculation is (22 + [3 * 0.5]) / 40 = 0.588

Regular season tiebreakers

  In the playoffs? - See how Yahoo Fantasy Playoff tiebreakers work.

Wild card

In Fantasy Football:

  • Total fantasy points (season total).
  • Fantasy points scored in the most recently completed matchup.
  • Fantasy points scored in the matchup two weeks prior (this continues until the tie is broken).

In Fantasy Hockey:

  • Number of wins.
  • Win percentage.
  • Points (points leagues only).
  • Recent week win percentages.

In Fantasy Baseball and Basketball:

  • Total points scored (only with Head-to-Head Points).
  • Highest winning percentage from the last game week. If there's still a tie, the process continues for each previous week until the tie is broken.

Division championship tie

  • The division winning percentage is used first.
  • If there's still a tie, the wild card method (above) is used.
  • If there's more than 2 managers tied for division champion, once the winner is determined, the remaining teams will use the wild card method only (division winning percentage is ignored).

  Note - Tiebreaker settings may not be customizable but a Private League commissioner may still customize the first round of the playoffs within the commissioner tools.