Auto-Suggest in Yahoo Mail

Find the right contacts quickly when composing an email. Yahoo Mail's Auto-Suggest is the smarter, quicker way to add contacts when addressing a message. The most likely contacts, based on your email history, are automatically suggested for you as you type in the "To" field.

Get started

Auto-Suggest. Enter a name, email address, or even a company's name, in the "To" field as you compose a message. You'll see a list of relevant contacts with those most frequently emailed at the top. Have three "John Smith"s in your contacts? The one you've emailed the most will appear first.

Often included. Add a contact in the "To" field and you'll see Often included suggestions - other contacts you include the most in emails to your selected contact. Auto-Suggest finds the three most likely contacts you email with along with the recipient you added. Click a contact and they're added to your message.

Search by initials. Enter your contact's initials into the "To" field and Auto-Suggest displays relevant results. Doing a "power initial" search can display your contact more quickly. Type the first letter of the first name and the first two letters of the last name. If you want to add "Jeff London" to a message, enter "JLO" in the "To" field and Jeff's suggested email addresses appear.

  Images appearing next to your Auto-Suggest contacts come from their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Yahoo profiles. Learn more about contacts, contact cards and linking to social media accounts.

Next steps

The suggestions are ours, but the choice is yours. Quickly remove a suggestion you're seeing or change its name.

Remove contacts from Auto-Suggest

  1. Begin entering an email address or contact in the "To" field of a new message.
  2. When the unwanted contact appears as a suggestion, mouse over it in the suggestions list.
  3. Click X to the right of the suggestion.
  4. A pop-up appears asking if you're sure you want to delete the email address. Click Delete.

  Having second thoughts? Before clicking anywhere else on the screen, click Undo and the contact suggestion will return. If it's too late, just send an email to that contact and they'll return to your Auto-Suggest list.

Edit a contact's name in Auto-Suggest

  1. Click Compose.
  2. Click To.
  3. Select the suggestion you’d like to use.
  4.  In the "To", "CC", or "BCC" field, right-click the suggestion’s name | click Edit Address.
  5. Make your changes.
  6. Press Enter or click anywhere outside of the "To" field.

Learn more

Here are some common questions about Auto-Suggest. Just click one to see its answer.

Where are these suggestions coming from?

These suggestions are based on your email history, as well as your Yahoo Contacts. Yahoo Mail remembers every email address you've ever used or seen in your Inbox and suggests the best one to use.

Can I see which contacts I email the most?

Yes. Before you begin entering a contact or email address in the “To” field, press your keyboard's down arrow to see your most emailed contacts.

Can I edit the order of my top contacts?

Not manually, but the contacts you email the most will naturally rise to the top of the suggestions you see when you begin typing in the "To" field.

Why isn't Auto-Suggest working?

Auto-Suggest may not work if:

Yahoo Mail suggests likely contacts to add to your email message

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