Overview of Yahoo Mail

Welcome to Yahoo Mail - the fast, simple, and easy to use email with 1TB of free mail storage. Get started by signing up or signing in to your Yahoo Mail account.

  Get emailing! Our guide to using Yahoo Mail will have you writing and sending email, organizing your Inbox, and customizing your email experience in no time.

Create meaningful emails

Email doesn't have to be boring. Yahoo Mail gives your email a kick with beautiful link previews, formatting options, and Dropbox and Flickr integration to make sharing life's most important moments easier than ever. With 1TB of free email storage, you'll never have to worry about sending or receiving large files and running out of space.

Screenshot of email message with a link preview

Keep in touch

Stay connected to your entire personal network! Our two-step import feature lets you easily add contacts from your Facebook account, or other email providers like Gmail or Outlook, making Yahoo Mail the only email you need.

Screenshot of contacts importing options

Multitask like a pro

We know your time is valuable and have made Yahoo Mail so you can get more done, more quickly.

  • Chat while you check your email - Yahoo Mail's messenger window floats on top of your Inbox and can be moved out of the way of your emails when you need to work.
  • Bounce around your tabs - Switch between your emails, drafts, searches, calendar, and contacts all in one window. 
  • Quickly get to your most recent items - Our Recent feature gives you quick access to your most recently viewed emails, messages you're in the middle of composing, and your last set of search results.
  • Always there for you - Your Inbox, Contacts, Calendar, Notepad and Messenger are always a click away in the top left corner.

Navigation icons at upper-left for Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notepad, and Messenger

Keep organized

Stay nice and tidy! Keep emails from a specific person, or for a specific subject, in one easy to find place with folders. Then use filters make sure incoming messages are delivered to the exact folder they belong.

Don't forget the important things in life. Your Yahoo Calendar keeps life's meetings, appointments, and to-do lists at your fingertips. It even reminds you where you need to be, when you need to be there.

Find it faster

No matter what "it" is, Yahoo Mail search makes it simple to find whatever you're looking for:

  • Smarter auto-suggest - Search by typing a few letters and see the people you email the most.
  • Search by sender - Improved search results help you quickly locate emails, documents, and files sent from your contact.
  • Search by keyword - Save time scrolling through emails. Enter a word you know is in the email and let our smart search find it for you.

Smart Views help you find the email that matters to you the most.

Smart Views are groups of emails, separated by the most common message types like, "Social," "Travel," and "Shopping." You'll find "Smart Views" in the left column of Yahoo Mail. Like a folder, just click a Smart View type to see its contents.

One account to manage it all

Most people have more than one email account. Managing them all in one place keeps things simple. Connected mailboxes in Yahoo Mail lets you manage multiple mailboxes without having to switch between them.

Yahoo Mail utilizes an industry standard protocol, Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), to retrieve messages from additional Yahoo and third party accounts.

Once you’ve set up multiple mailboxes, it’s fast and easy to read, compose, sort, and search all your mail across all your accounts.

Make it yours!

A multitude of settings makes customizing your Yahoo Mail's layout, and how you sort and view your messages, a breeze.

With many beautiful themes to choose from, you can personalize the look of your Inbox, which carries across your devices.


Full screen view of bridge theme background

Your email, wherever you go!

Stay connected with the Yahoo Mail app for iOS and Android. It's all your email, all in one place, plus the latest news!

Screenshot of the inbox for the Mail app for iOS

  Ready to get started? Sign up for a Yahoo account and get access to all that Yahoo Mail has to offer.