Sort incoming emails using Yahoo Mail filters

Keep a clean Inbox and stay organized by using email filters to sort incoming messages into folders.

What are filters?

 Filters don't stop spam. Learn how to reduce spam in Yahoo Mail.

Filters tell incoming emails what folder they should be delivered to. They can reduce clutter in your Inbox and help keep you organized. You can even set up filters to direct unwanted emails to your Trash folder.

You can create up to 200 filters.

Using filters

 Filters can't be created in in Basic Mail. If you want to use filters in Basic Mail, you can switch to full-featured Yahoo Mail, create your filters, then switch back to Basic Mail. The filters will still work when using Basic Mail. How to switch between Basic Mail and full-featured Yahoo Mail.

Access your filters

  1. Mouse over the Settings menu icon Small gear icon | select Settings.
  2. Click Filters.

Your Filters and their settings appear.

Create a filter

Access your Filters settings and then:

  1. Click Add.
  2. Enter a Filter Name.
  3. Enter the filter criteria:
    • Sender - The person who sent the email.
    • Recipient - Your email address.
    • Subject - Text held within the subject field of an email.
    • Email body - Text held within the body of an email.
  4. Select a folder to deliver the affected emails in.
    - You can also select New Folder to create a new one.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Save again to return to your emails.

New incoming messages that match your set criteria will now be delivered directly to your selected folder.

  Important: A new filter only affects future emails you receive, not those that were previously in your account.

Edit a filter

To change your existing filter settings, access your Filters, then:

  1. Click a filter name from your list.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Make your changes and click Save.
  4. Click Save again to return to your email.

Sort filters

The order of your filters matters.

  • Filters are prioritized from the top down. 
  • If two filters can apply to the same email, the top filter will be used.
  • Move filters up or down by selecting the filter and clicking the up or down arrow.

Delete a filter

If you don't need a filter anymore, just delete it. Access your Filters, then:

  1. Click a filter from your list.
  2. Click Remove.
  3. Click Save to return to your email.

Create filters in Yahoo Mail mobile apps

You can create filters in the Yahoo Mail apps for Android and iOS.

Advanced filtering tips

If you're having trouble filtering certain messages, click a category to see its tips.

Multiple criteria

When you have more than one criteria to apply to a filter, consider the following:

  • A filter will use all of the rules you define to find mail to filter.
  • If you want to filter all messages that either contain criteria A or criteria B, create two separate filters.

Avoid empty filters

  Important: A filter is never empty or blank.

If you create a new filter and don't fill in anything, it's still a live filter. Yahoo Mail interprets an "empty" filter to mean:

If sender contains [an empty (null) character]
then deliver to: Inbox

If an "empty" filter is at the top of the list, all of your messages will be sent to your Inbox, bypassing any other filters you may have.

Avoid conflicting rules

If your incoming emails are being delivered to the wrong folder, there's generally a filter conflict.

  • Avoid using negative criteria like "does not contain" combined with positive criteria like "begins with."
  • Make sure there isn't a conflicting filter above a filter that isn't working.

POP access and filters

Consider the following if you use a POP mail client to access Yahoo Mail:

  • Mail clients using POP only download email from the Inbox and Spam folders.
  • Filters to other folders will prevent your mail client from downloading them.


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