Fix problems with Yahoo Mail

When Yahoo Mail isn't working right there's usually a quick and easy fix. Here's how to troubleshoot problems so you can get back to using your Yahoo Mail.

Page features (like buttons and menus) stop working or page loads slowly

Many problems using Yahoo Mail (including unresponsive features or slow page) loading can be fixed by updating your web browser or adjusting computer settings.

Problems sending and receiving email

Problems sending email

Problems receiving email

If you're not receiving email you expect or they're arriving in the wrong folder, here's what to do.

Missing email or contacts

Email delivered to folders or trash

If email is going to your folders or your trash instead of your Inbox, here's how to fix it.

Account is sending or receiving spam

Account is sending spam

If your account is sending spam it may have been hacked. Here's what to do.

Account is receiving a lot of spam

It's not possible to stop spam completely, but we do have tips and techniques to cut down the amount of spam you get.

Unexpected changes to your Yahoo Mail

Changes to your account that you didn't make

There are 2 reasons you might see changes to your account that you didn't make: You're in Basic Mail or your account was hacked. Here's how to investigate and take action to fix it.

Signs your account was hacked

Do you think your account may have been hacked? Here's how to look for signs that it was hacked and what to do about it if it was.

Yahoo Mail looks different

There are a few reasons your Yahoo Mail can look different than it used to. You might be seeing the Basic Mail version, your Yahoo Mail theme might have been changed, or someone could have hacked your account and changes made to it. 

Scams, threats, or harassing messages

If you get suspicious messages, spam, messages that look like they're from Yahoo but you're not sure, or threatening or harasing email, here's what you can do.

Linked email accounts, changing your name, and charges for Yahoo

Link and unlink email accounts

Manage your other email accounts using the Yahoo Mail multiple malboxes or account switcher features. 

Wrong name in Yahoo Mail

You can change the name people see when they get email from you (your sending name). You can also create a signature that's added to the end of your email messages.

Unexpected charges for Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail offers premium email services without desktop ads. To find out when you signed up, view your billing history.

If you want to cancel your Mail Plus or Ad Free Mail service, here's how. If you want to lean more about using Yahoo Mail without ads we have that information too.

Why isn't my problem listed?

If your issue isn't addressed in this article, try Yahoo Mail Help Central. At our Help homepage, click Yahoo Mail and get access to all of our help topics and our top Yahoo Mail help articles.