Send an instant Message with Yahoo Messenger

Staying in touch has never been easier. Give it a try.

Send an IM to a contact who's already part of your Messenger List:

  1. Double-click the contact name.
  2. Type your message.
  3. Click Send or press Enter on your keyboard

NOTE: Yahoo Messenger allows messages to be sent to contacts on your Messenger List even if they're not online. Simply send the message in the usual way, and the next time your friend logs on to Messenger, your message will pop up.

Quickly find a person you want to Instant Message:

  1. Start typing their name in the search field at the top of your Messenger List.
  2. As you type, your Messenger List will be filtered to show any contacts whose ID, email address, phone number, etc. match what you've typed.
  3. Press Enter to open a conversation window and start your message.

Send an IM to someone who's not on your Messenger List yet:

  1. In the search field above the Messenger List, type the other person's Yahoo! ID.
  2. Press Enter (on your keyboard). A conversation window appears.
  3. Type your message and either click Send or press Enter on your keyboard. 

For more information about chatting in Messenger, view the video tutorial.

Click to view the video.

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