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Conduct technical analysis on advanced charts

With Yahoo Finance Plus Essential, you can add technical analysis and event indicators to our interactive stock charts to help you identify trading opportunities. Our partner Trading Central’s patented pattern recognition technology is paired with a broad range of technical indicators to apply technical analysis to virtually every financial instrument. We have automated the detection and analysis of events to help investors find, validate and time trades. Select from multiple technical and corporate events to plot onto your charts for trend analysis.

View events on Yahoo Finance

  1. Go to Yahoo Finance.
  2. Enter a company name or ticker symbol in the "Search" bar.
  3. Select a quote from the search list.
  4. Click Full screen above the graph, or the graph itself.
  5. To plot technical events, select outlook duration:
    • All - all events, all outlook durations
    • Short Term - 2 to 6 week outlook
    • Mid Term - 6 week to 9 month outlook
    • Long Term - 9 month or more outlook
  6. To plot corporate events, click Events and select one or more Yahoo Finance Plus Events.
  7. Mouse over an event to view details.

Technical events

Learn more from our partner, Trading Central.

Classic Chart Patterns

A group of patterns that typically have a longer term horizon (greater than 12 days) and which have distinct price swings such that the price swings form distinctive patterns. The names of classic patterns often reflect the shape of the formation. Examples include:

  • Double Top
  • Double Bottom
  • Rounded bottom
  • Ascending Triangle
  • Head and shoulders bottom

Short Term Chart Patterns

Patterns that are based on the shape and relationship of the candlestick(s) or price bar(s) representing one or multiple consecutive trading days. This includes patterns such as the Hanging Man and the Gap Up. Short-term patterns are often considered as supplementary information and may support or refute the possible price movement suggested by classic patterns. Examples include:

  • Inside Bar
  • Island Top
  • Gravestone
  • Engulfing Line
  • Exhaustion Bar


Indicators are based on moving average calculations:

  • Price Cross Moving Average
  • Double Moving Average Crossover
  • Triple Moving Average Crossover


Oscillators are based on mathematical formulas that incorporate historical or recent prices of the stock. Examples include:

  • Momentum
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Intermediate-term KST
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  • Commodity Channel Index (CCI)

Corporate events

Yahoo Finance Plus corporate events are identified by our partner Refinitiv.

  • Corporate Deals: Announcement of corporate partnership deals
  • Expansion/New Markets/New Units: Announcement of new offices, headquarters, or expansion to new markets and related headcount
  • Products: Product or service-related news
  • Ownership/Control: News of corporate acquisition or significant change in equity ownership
  • Financing: News of corporate financing agreements
  • Litigation/Regulatory: Legal news pertaining to large mergers, antitrust activity, litigation, etc.
  • Accounting Issues: Announcement of new accounting standards, audit activity, etc.
  • Restructuring/Reorganization/Related: News pertaining to change in corporate leadership or board of directors, layoffs and restructuring, etc.
  • Reference: An event that does not cleanly fall within another category
  • Special Events: News pertaining to holidays, political events, etc.
  • Environmental: News related to severe weather and related events