Get started with Yahoo for Apple TV, Android TV and Fire TV

Get connected to the content that you want to see. Explore the most recent local, national and world news. Engulf yourself in featured videos from Yahoo News, live events, Sports, Finance and Entertainment Superchannels. Personalization technology helps the app to deliver only what you like to watch, based on your selections.


  • Pause - Use the DVR-like controls to pause and play your videos.
  • Skip - For a linear TV channel experience, you can skip anything you’re not enjoying. This is similar to your favorite music apps.


  • What's trending - Watch the most popular content among people who share similar interests.
  • Yahoo now - Browse the additional live Yahoo Superchannel videos for the most recent news and information.
  • Recommended - Flip through a VOD menu that shows popular and trending content based on what you might want to view.


  • Select content - From your first sign in, you will be able to personalize your experience by following and unfollowing topics that interest you. Selecting topics related to sports teams, stocks, music or news, will help to condense what you view.