Get started with Yahoo for Apple TV

Connect to the content that interests you most. Get videos that cover local, national, and world news, live events, and featured videos from the Yahoo News, Sports, Finance, and Entertainment Superchannels. Personalization technology teaches the app to deliver only what you like to watch.


  • Pause - Don’t miss a thing. Get DVR-like control to pause and play.
  • Skip - Just like your favorite music apps, skip anything you’re not enjoying. Patterns in what you skip will better inform what plays next so you get what you're most likely to enjoy. 


  • Select your content - From your first sign in process, you’ll personalize your interests in Sports, Finance, News, and Entertainment for a made-to-order viewing experience.
  • Thumbs up or down - The app learns from your opinion to better deliver videos you’ll like. When you give a thumbs down, you’ll get the option to specify what didn’t like to ensure you don’t get more of the same.


  • What's Trending - Watch the most popular content among people who share similar interests.
  • Recommended VOD - Select from a menu of video on demand personalized specifically for you by you.