About manager-less teams added to your Yahoo Fantasy league

Head-to-head Points, Categories or One Win leagues that have an odd number of managers at draft time will have a manager-less team auto-added to their league. The league must already have at least 5 confirmed managers in order for the manager-less team to be added and for the draft to happen. After the draft, the commissioner can transfer team management to any newly invited manager.

Manager-less teams during the draft

Since this team doesn’t have a manager, it will auto draft. During the draft (and after), the auto-added team will have a default team name and avatar.

Manager-less teams during the season

  • They can’t make waiver claims or add players.
  • Commissioners can still edit the roster for these teams.
  • Trade offers can be made, but with no manager, there will no one to accept the trades.
  • Playing against an manager-less team won’t have an impact on your League Rating or Level.

What happens if an manager-less team makes the playoffs?

The commish can handle this a couple of ways: