Use the Start Active Players option in Fantasy Sports

The Start Active Players tool allows you to quickly fill your starting lineup with players that have a game on that particular day. Use this feature for individual days or save yourself time and choose to set it for the entire week! You can enable this tool from your team's roster page. After using this function, we recommend reviewing your lineup to be sure your players are in their desired positions.

Start Active Players

Enabling the Start Active Players tool will move players from your bench to your starting lineup. But, it will only replace players under certain conditions:

  • Bench player has a scheduled game and starting player doesn’t.
  • Bench player is eligible to play at the position of a starting player.
  • Bench player is healthy and starting player is injured (and both have scheduled games).

Start Active Players for the week

This option covers all days in a given game week (typically Monday - Sunday), not a rolling next seven days. But, there are exceptions:

  • Long game weeks (start of season, All-Star break) - Start Active Players for Week will run through the entire game week, not just Monday - Sunday.

What happens if I make any transactions?

Once you enable Start Active Players, it will reset if you add, drop, or trade any players.

What happens if a player in my lineup gets injured?

Injury status is taken into account on the day Start Active Players is set. If a player gets hurt after Start Active Players is enabled, his injury won't be accounted for.

What happens if a player in my lineup has a game postponed?

Postponements are taken into account on the day Start Active Players is set. If a player's game is postponed after Start Active Players is enabled, the postponement won't be accounted for.

How does the tool handle Starting Pitchers in Fantasy Baseball?

  • Start Active Players prioritizes Starting Pitchers (SPs) with projected starts over those that do not.
  • The feature also looks for Starting Pitchers (SPs), including (SP, RP) that have higher projected innings pitched (IP).
  • To maintain accuracy, we only look at the next seven days for projected innings pitched.