Working with Dwolla

We have partnered with a company called Dwolla, Inc. to perform certain services for the Tanda by Yahoo Finance app. With the information that you provide, Dwolla verifies your identity and bank account information.

Dwolla's software platform transfers funds for the Tanda app. To perform these money transfer services, Dwolla has partnered with financial institutions, as further described below and addressed in Dwolla's Terms of Service. All funds transfer services are facilitated by Dwolla and its financial institution partners, and all identity and bank account verification is performed by Dwolla.

Can I close my Dwolla account?

You may close your Dwolla account by contacting them at or 1-888-289-8744.

How is my bank information used?

Dwolla needs your bank information to link your bank account to a pooled holding account at one of their financial institution partners. Dwolla's financial institution partner holds your funds and performs all funds transfers.

Yahoo does not and has no responsibility to perform the funds transfers, and Yahoo does not receive, hold, or transmit your funds or the funds of a savings circle except to the extent that Yahoo steps in as a member of a savings circle, in which Yahoo receives payouts in accordance with that savings circle. Your bank account information is only used to confirm that you have sufficient funds in your account to join a savings circle, to make automatic contributions to and to receive payouts from your savings circles.

How does Dwolla protect my data?

Yahoo takes the security of your data very seriously. You can learn more about Dwolla's security practices at their website.

Why do I need to provide a photo ID?

Sometimes Dwolla needs some extra information to verify your identity, usually when you've recently changed your address or legal name. You may be required to take a picture of an unexpired state issued photo ID or driver's license and upload the picture as directed in the Tanda app to finish setting up your account.

Why must I provide the last four digits of my social security number?

The last four digits of your social security number are used in Dwolla's identity verification process. In some cases, Dwolla may need your full social security number to verify your ID. It is important that all users' identities are verified to build a community of trusted savers. Neither Yahoo nor Dwolla checks your credit.