What is my trust score?

The trust score is an in-app scoring system that Tanda by Yahoo Finance uses to determine which savings circles and payout positions are available to you.

How is my trust score determined?

Everyone's trust score is calculated in the same way. Here's how it works:

  • Each on-time contribution increases your score by 1 point.
  • Each late contribution decreases your score by 3 points.
  • Each missing contribution decreases your score by 20 points.

For more information on late and missing contributions, see "Contributing to savings circles."

How often is my trust score updated?

Your trust score is updated after each savings circle contribution.

What can others users see about my trust score?

Your trust score is publicly available for any Yahoo account holder running the Tanda app. Others can only view your trust score, but not your contribution history in the app. Only you can see how many on-time, late, or missing contributions you've made.

What decisions are made based on my trust score?

Your trust score is used by the Tanda app to determine your savings circle limit and position access. The higher your score, the higher payout savings circles you can join and the earlier positions you can take. Don't worry, other users can't use your trust score to determine your access to a savings circle or position in the savings circle.