Overview of Yahoo Newsroom

Keep up with the latest news while becoming a part of the conversation. Yahoo Newsroom gives you the ability to react to the stories that shape our lives. Follow only the things you’re interested in and be a part of the story as it unfolds.

Get the latest news

When you open the Yahoo Newsroom app you'll see the latest stories related to your interests in the “My Feed” tab. You can make your feed even better by following Vibes about topics you’re interested in.

Join a community

Each Vibe is a community of people interested in a specific subject. You can join new Vibes from the "Explore" tab in the app. Follow and unfollow different Vibes any time. Tapping on a Vibe opens a list of the most talked about articles in that community. You can also sort by most recent.

Post articles to start a conversation

Tap the Compose Icon Image of the Compose Icon. to post articles from around the web – with your reactions – directly into relevant Vibes to spark a discussion. Yahoo Newsroom gets the word out to people who share your interests and prompts them to join the conversation.

Be a part of the conversation

  • Like a post so we can better personalize your feed.
  • Share a post via social media, email or text message.
  • Click the Share Vibe icon  to share a post in a different Vibe.

Return to past conversations

The "Profile" tab lets you see all the Vibes you're subscribed to as well as a history of posts you've shared, commented on, or liked.