About Yahoo Daily Fantasy Leagues

A Yahoo Daily Fantasy League is a group of two or more contests involving multi-round play. Once entered, you'll automatically be signed up for future rounds and you'll get email reminders to set your lineup for the next round of the contest. Check out available league contests in the Lobby or create your own Custom League. Be sure to read the description on the contest details page as rules vary by contest.

  • You can submit a single entry for each round.
  • Rounds are scored according to the standard rules.
  • Final standings are determined by cumulative score throughout all rounds.
  • Prizes for overall winners will be awarded following completion of the final round.
  • Create your own Daily Fantasy League to customize a variety of options such as total entrants, entry fee, schedule, number of dropped contests, and prize structure (get paid out after each contest, at the end of the entire contest, or both!).
If a Daily Fantasy Cash League doesn't fill then the cash contest will be cancelled and it'll continue as a free league. Free Leagues that don't fill will continue without any changes.