Overview of Yahoo Sports Rewards Points (YSRP)

Once you have enough Yahoo Sports Rewards Points stacked up, use those to enter Paid Fantasy contests instead of funds from your Fantasy Wallet.

Will my YSRP expire?

Yes. YSRP provided by promotions may be forfeited if not used before the date-specific to that promotion. Otherwise, any YSRP you don't earn or redeem for 2 years will expire. You can't recover expired YSRPs, even if you begin to earn them again.

Where can I use YSRP?

You can use YSRP to enter paid Daily Fantasy contest by selecting the Enter with YSRP option. You can also use YSRP to join season-long Public Prize Leagues.

How many YSRP do I have?

Your YSRP balance is displayed next to your cash balance in your Yahoo Fantasy Wallet.

How do I enter contests using YSRP?

When you submit your lineup, reserve your entry, or enter a paid contest, there may be an additional option to "Enter with YSRP". If you don't have enough points for the entry fee you won't see this option.

What are Yahoo Sports Rewards Points?

YSRP is our reward point system where you can earn points by entering a paid Daily Fantasy contest or through various promotions. However, if you cancel a paid entry or enter a paid contest that is subsequently changed to a free contest as a result of not filling, you will not earn any YSRP for that contest.

How do I earn Yahoo Sports Rewards Points?

  • Enter a paid contest - When you enter a paid contest you earn YSRP which are awarded in whole numbers (rounded down to the nearest whole number). Joining contests that have an entry fee of less than $1 won't earn you YSRP.
  • One time promo code - New users receive a one-time promo code when depositing funds that will award YSRPs. If funds aren't deposited, YSRPs aren't given.
  • Refer a friend - When friends you refer make their first deposit using your unique link, you'll be awarded YSRP after their first contest begins. They must complete the session when clicking the link or you won't earn YSRP

Where can I find my Yahoo Sports Rewards Points?

With your first deposit to Yahoo, you received a bonus in your Fantasy Wallet, which you can use to enter paid contests. You can confirm your balance at the top right corner of your screen. If you're using the Yahoo Sports Fantasy app, you can view your balance by viewing the bottom right corner of your screen.