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Fix issues with Yahoo Mail filters

If filters aren't working properly or emails aren't sent to the correct folder, review our filtering guidelines. All emails go through the spam filter before going through other filters. If your emails aren't in the correct folder, check your spam folder first.

Empty filters

If you create an empty filter that doesn't contain any rules, it will perform the following:

  • Route messages sent by an email address with an empty character to the Inbox.
  • If the empty filter is at the top of the filter list, all other filter rules will be voided and emails will instead be sent to the Inbox.

Multiple criteria

  • A filter will use all of the rules you define to determine which mail to filter.
  • If you want to filter all messages that contain criteria A or criteria B, create 2 filters.

Conflicting rules

  • Make sure there isn't a conflicting filter above a filter that isn't working.
  • Avoid using negative criteria like "does not contain" with positive criteria like "begins with."

Filter limitations for POP accounts

  • Mail clients using POP only download email from the Inbox folder.
  • Filters to other folders will prevent your mail client from downloading them.