Overview of Yahoo Daily Fantasy

Whether you can't get enough of your season long play or don't have the time for season long play, Daily Fantasy is your answer.

Who can play?

Find out if you're eligible by reviewing the Eligibility section of the Daily Fantasy Terms of Service.

Who do I play against?

  • Free entry contests - Your team will compete against teams from across the world.
  • Paid contests - Your team will compete against teams from Canada and the United States.

What is Daily Fantasy?

Instead of playing a season long contest, Daily Fantasy offers contests that typically last one day, or in the case of the NFL, one week.

Where can I get started?

When are there contests?

As long as there is an NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Golf, or EPL competition, we have a contest.

How does Yahoo make DFS fun for everyone?

Our Fair Play initiative makes Daily Fantasy fun for all levels of fantasy players. With account controls such as deposit limits, we do our best to fit into your lifestyle.