Link or unlink social networks from your contact cards in Yahoo Mail

Contact cards display the name, job title, phone number, social profile links and a photo from social networks so you can quickly see more info about your contacts.

To view info for your contact cards, mouse over the contact's name to get additional details. Any info that is shown will be data that has been provided by the contact or the social media account you've linked with your Yahoo account.

Link or unlink social account

  1. Click Settings Image of the Settings icon. | click More Settings  Image of the More icon..
  2. Click Contacts.
  3. Next to the social account, click Connect to link it, or Disconnect to unlink it.
  4. Enter the requested info to complete the connection.

Privacy concerns

  • Contact cards are private - The info you see is pulled from your address book and any linked account. We don't share your details with others.
  • Test it yourself - Send an email to an account you've never messaged before. You'll be able to confirm none of your private info was shared with this new account.
  • Where did the info come from? Yahoo syncs with LinkedIn and your mobile device, but only if you've given us permission. In the past we would also sync with Facebook, and while we don't do so anymore, some old info may still be visible.
  • Still concerned about privacy? Yahoo takes privacy concerns very serious. We never share your personal info with anyone without your consent; your contacts will only receive info you agree to provide. For more info, check out our Privacy Center.