About contact profiles in Smart Contacts

See all your contacts' relevant info at a glance!

Consolidated info

All of the combined info from each of your contacts will be housed in one unified profile.

If there was duplicate info, it will be hidden from view, allowing you to see all their info easily.

Profile photos

If 1 of the contact sources contained a photo, it'll show as the profile photo.

  • Multiple photos - If there are multiple sources to pick from, a prioritized photo is used.
  • No photo - If no photos are available, a default avatar is used.
  • Add a photo - You can edit a contact to add a photo. Learn how to edit contacts.

Reach out to contacts

Getting in touch with your friends and colleagues is fast and easy.

  • Call - From the profile view, just tap the Call icon green phone.
  • Send SMS - From the profile view, just tap the SMS icon blue text bubble.
  • Email - From the profile view, just tap the Email icon purple envelope.