Overview of Smart Contacts

Managing your contacts just got a whole lot easier! Check out what Smart Contacts is all about.

What is Smart Contacts?

Smart Contacts aggregates your contacts from multiple sources (like your local address book, Google contacts, Yahoo contacts and Facebook), merges duplicates and surfaces the people you’re most likely to talk to at the time you want to talk to them. 


Enhanced contact profiles

As you add more sources, Smart Contacts acts as a hub for all your contacts' info.

  • Details - View all of their phone numbers, email addresses, birthdates, and more!
  • Live updates - As your source info gets updated, Smart Contacts will update in real-time.
  • Recent interactions - At a glance, see your latest text conversations and call history.
  • Social updates - With Facebook connected, you'll see contact's lastest status updates.


De-duplicate your contacts

If you have 2 or more sources that contain the same contact's name or info, Smart Contacts recognizes these entries as the same person and will merge them under a single profile, hiding the duplicate info from view.

  • Your data is safe - This process does not affect your contact details at the source.
  • View the source data - See the source data from the "Edit Contact" page. Learn how.


Intuitively organized

Smart Contacts keeps your contacts organized based on who you interact with the most.

  • Favorites - People you mark as "Favorites" show first. Learn how to mark favorites.
  • People you contact - Your most frequenly interacted with people come next.
  • A to Z - Each letter has suggested contacts first, based on interaction, followed by the remaining contacts listed alphabetically.


Add, edit, and delete contacts

Keeping your contacts' up-to-date is easy with Smart Contacts.