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My account is sending spam

Receiving spam is one thing. Getting reports of it coming from your account is another. We know it can be scary, but it's easy to fix and we're here to help.

Stopping your account from sending spam

For starters, your account has most likely been compromised. Here's what to do:

Change your password immediately 

The fastest way to stop spam is to secure your account by creating a new, strong password.

Review your alternate email address

  1. A spammer may have altered your account information, allowing them to access your account again even after you change your password.
  2. Visit your Account Information page.
  3. Click Choose how Yahoo contacts you under "Contact Information."
  4. Change the email address on file if you don't recognize it.
    - Learn how to add an alternate email address to your account.

Other things to check for

  If the problem is still happening: Learn what to do if your account continues to send spam.

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