Get Web access with a full membership

If you have an email-only subscription to a group, you can link your subscribed email address to a Yahoo ID to gain access to the group's Web features (Photos, Files, Events, Links, etc.).

Were you prompted to convert to full membership?

When you've signed in, Yahoo Groups will auto-detect any groups to which you are an email-only subscriber, and let you convert those subscriptions to full memberships. You'll be prompted to complete the "Membership Wizard" (steps below).

  Good to know: When you consolidate your email-only Yahoo Groups subscriptions to a Yahoo Account, you're converting those subscriptions into full group memberships that include Web access to your groups.

Consolidating your group memberships to one Yahoo Account

  1. Sign in to Yahoo Groups with the Yahoo Account you'd like to consolidate your group memberships to.
  2. Go to the Membership Wizard.
  3. The Membership Wizard finds and displays the email addresses you have used for the group subscriptions that are associated with the Yahoo account you're currently signed in to.
  4. What the Membership Wizard displays
    Group name Yahoo Profile Email ID
    A group you have an email-only subscription to Your Yahoo Profile name associated with this subscription Your email ID associated with this subscription
  5. From the drop-down menus on the right of the Membership Wizard page, select the email ID where you want to receive notification emails for each Yahoo Groups subscription.
  6.   What if the email ID you want to use isn't listed? Then that email ID is not associated with the account you're currently signed in to.

    • Here's how you can associated any email address with your Yahoo Account.
      1. Follow the steps in our article about adding an alternate email address to your current Yahoo Account.
      2. Once you're done, go back to step 1 at the top of these instructions.
  7. Once you've selected each email ID you want to associate with each subscription, click Move.

Success! You've consolidated your group subscriptions to the Yahoo Account you're currently signed in to.