Fix common problems in Yahoo Groups

Yahoo Groups is a great way to keep in touch with a group of people. While we strive to keep everything running smoothly, sometimes problems can occur. If you experience any problems with Groups, try contacting the moderator or the troubleshooting info below.

Contact the group owner or moderator

The first contact to resolve most issues in Yahoo Groups should be your moderator. If you're unable to post or view messages, access parts of the group, or otherwise can't do something, it's likely the moderator has control of that setting or feature.

To contact the moderator, send an email to Make sure to replace "groupname" with your group's exact name.

  Yahoo can't intervene on your behalf - Group owners and moderators have full control of membership, settings, and features they allow for the group. We have no influence over their decisions.

Resolve attachment or file issues

If you can't post files or photos to your group, first try contacting your moderator. It's likely you're not recognized as a member of the group, you don't have permission to post, or your photos or files are pending approval. Keep in mind, photos can't be over 10MB or in a format other than JPEG, GIF, BMP or PNG.

Resolve technical troubles

If you're having problem with pages loading or other technical issues with the Groups site itself, try fixing problems with Yahoo not working properly. Additionally, make sure you're using a supported browser that's been updated recently.

Resolve email problems

  • Receiving emails after unsubscribing – Reply to the "unsubscribe" email sent when you initially unsubscribed from the group.
  • Resolve bouncing email – This will generally resolve itself in a few days, but you may need to manually reactivate your account if it continues.
  • Emails marked as spam – Check your email client's Spam folder and select the "not spam" option, or create a filter to make sure the messages go to your inbox.
  • Unable to send emails – If you've already contacted the moderator and they've assured you the permissions are correct, check the email address is correct and your account is working properly.