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Join or leave a group in Yahoo Groups

Use groups to connect with a community of people on specific topics of interest. All of your subscribed groups are listed on the left side of the Yahoo Groups Home page and you can leave a group at any time.

Join a group

In private groups, your request is sent to the group's moderator for approval.

  1. Sign in to Yahoo Groups.
  2. Open a group.
  3. Click Join Group.
  4. Set your membership info.
  5. Click Send Request.

Leave a group

  Group Owners - If you're the group's only owner, you must transfer ownership before leaving.

Leave a group through the site

  1. Sign in to Yahoo Groups.
  2. Open the group.
  3. Click Membership | Edit Membership.
  4. Click Leave Group.
  5. Click Leave.

Unsubscribe through email

  1. Sign in to your Yahoo Groups's email account.
  2. Check the recent messages from your group to get the group's domain, as it may be different depending on your region.
  3. Send a new email to, replacing "groupname" with your group's actual name.
  4. Alternatively, set up filters to reduce the number of emails you receive from each group.