Find your Flickr login ID

Find your login ID as part of your personal account information. It's used along with your password to sign in to your Flickr account. Don't confuse it with your screen or profile names which appear on your profile page next to your buddy icon.

Find your login ID on the "Your account" page

  1. On a desktop computer, use your web browser to go to the Flickr website.
  2. Click your buddy icon.
  3. Click Settings to open the "Your account" page.

Your login ID is near the top of the page by "Your Flickr account."

Your screen and profile names are also found on the "Your account" page.

  • They appear on your profile page next to your buddy icon.
  • People searching for you in Flickr can do so by matching these names.
  • Your comments and faves are tagged with either of these depending on whether you've entered one or both.

  Caution - Your screen name and profile name, also on this page, can be confused with the login ID because they are next to the buddy icon on your profile page.

Confusing names with login IDs have caused misunderstandings. For example, you have multiple Yahoo accounts: one linked to a Flickr account. It's easy to accidentally create and sign in to a new, empty Flickr account, and think you're in your existing account with all images missing.