View a full list of group members

Group owners and moderators can export a list of all group members from the "Manage Members" page.

  1. On your group's main page, click Management | Manage Members.
  2. You can click through the tabs to see a list of members by section:
    • Members
    • Moderators
    • Bouncing members
    • Banned members
  3. When available, each member's first and last name are shown.
  4. Moderators can sort members by first name, last name, or Yahoo Profile alias.
  5. Select Actions | Export.
  6. Select either CSVComma Separated Values or TSVTab Separated Values.

A .CSV or .TSV file of all members will be exported; it's limited to 1,000 members.

  Alert: If you're a moderator and you don't see what's described above, you'll need to contact your group's owner to request that they make the desired changes or assign you the privileges to do so.