Multitask with the Recent view in Yahoo Mail

As you view emails and search in Yahoo Mail, those messages and your last search term will appear under "Recent" for easy access.

 Important: Recent won't appear in the Left Navigation column when Tabs is enabled.

Enable Recent

  1. Sign in to Yahoo Mail.
  2. Mouse over the Settings menu icon Image of the Settings icon. | select Settings.
  3. Click Viewing email.
  4. Next to "Multitasking," select Recent.
  5. Click Save

Access your recently viewed items

Messages you're writing, emails you've recently opened, and your last set of search results are grouped together for easy access.

  1. In the Left Navigation column, click Recent.
    - Your most recently viewed emails and search results appear in a list below "Recent."
  2. Click an item from the list to view it in the content area to the right.

Remove your recently viewed items

Keep your Recent list clean by removing emails and search results you don't need instant access to.

  1. In the Left Navigation column, mouse over an item in your Recent list.
  2. Click X to remove the item from Recent.

Emails removed from Recent won't be deleted from your account.