Create or delete an album in Flickr

Albums are a great way to keep your photos and videos organized. Group them by date, topic, event, or anything that feels right to you.

Manage your albums

Create an album

  1. Mouse over You | select Organize.
  2. Click the Albums & Collections tab.
  3. Click Create a new album, at the top.
  4. Enter a title and description in the left column.
  5. Drag content into the album area from the bottom.
    • Click More options to search for specific tags, people, or a specific content type.
  6. Click Save.

Delete an album

Easily delete a photo album, without deleting the album's photos.

  1. Mouse over You | select Organize.
  2. Click the Albums & Collections tab.
  3. Double-click an album to open it.
  4. Click Delete this Album.
  5. Click Yes, delete to confirm.