Identify and manage injured and inactive players in Yahoo Fantasy Sports

Players can be placed on your team’s Disabled list (DL), Injured List (IL), Injured Reserve (IR), Injured Reserve Plus (IR+), or Not Active (NA) roster position once they meet certain eligibility requirements. DL, IL, IR, IR+, or NA designations are given as soon as possible and typically appear after our overnight update.

Determine DL, IL, IR, IR+, or NA eligibility by sport


Uses NA, IR, and IR+ roster positions:

  • Not Active - Used for players that aren't active yet (minor leaguers).
  • Injured Reserve - Used for players that are on the NHL’s injured reserve list.
  • Injured Reserve Plus - Used for IR , DTD (Day to day), or O (Out) designations.


Uses the IR roster position. Real-life NFL teams can only activate 2 players per season from their IR (this doesn't apply to your Fantasy Football roster).

  • Eligible designations - IR (Injured Reserve), Out (O) and Physically Unable to Perform (PUP).
  • Ineligible designations - D (Doubtful), NA (Not Active), P (Probable), Q (Questionable), and SUSP (Suspended).


Uses DL and NA roster positions:

  • Disabled List (DL) - Player must be listed on the official MLB Injury Report and placed on the DL by his respective team.
  • Not Active (NA) - Provides the option of stashing away inactive players (minor leaguers) versus using a bench spot and won't count against your 30-man limit. Suspended (SUSP) players aren’t eligible for the NA roster position.


Uses the IL roster position:

  • Eligible designations - Injured (INJ) or Out For Season (OFS).
  • Ineligible designations - Out (O) or Game Time Decision (GTD).
These statuses are determined by our data provider and are defined as:
  • O - Projected to miss less than 7 days.
  • INJ - Projected to miss 7+ days due to injury.
  • OFS - Projected to miss the rest of the NBA season.
  • GTD - May or may not play, determined prior to the game's tip-off.

College Football

Our stat provider maintains a status report for injured players. We'll display these statuses when we have injury info in place but only an 'Out' designation will be IL eligible. Statuses include:

  • Probable
  • Questionable
  • Doubtful
  • Out
  • Suspension

Manage players with DL, IL, IR, IR+, or NA designation

Add a player to the DL, IL, IR, IR+, or NA roster spot

Players can’t be added directly to your fantasy team's DL, IL, IR, IR+, or NA spot unless your commissioner has enabled the ability to do so from the League Settings.

  1. Click the position next to the injured player in your roster.
    - The DL, IL, IR, IR+, or NA roster position displays if the player is eligible for it.
  2. Click DL, IL, IR, IR+, or NA.
  3. The player will be moved to that position.

Activate player from a DL, IL, IR, IR+, or NA roster spot

In order to activate a player from the DL, IL, IR, IR+, or NA position, your roster must have an opening for an active player.

  1. Click the DL, IL, IR, IR+, or NA slot for the player you want to activate.
  2. Click a valid active position.
  3. The player will be moved to that position.

Stash players in the DL, IL, IR, IR+, or NA roster position

  • A player can stay on the DL, IL, IR, or NA for the entire season, even if they return to real-life action.
  • Players in DL, IL, IR, IR+, or NA don't earn any points, even if they're earning stats in real-life games.
  • Once activated in real-life, you can’t complete any transaction that adds a player until you activate the once ‘out’ player on your fantasy team.
  • Intra-roster moves (switching players between bench and active) can be made regardless of a player's real-life DL, IL, IR, or NA status, including dropping players.
  • Use bench spots to house players if you have no available DL, IL, IR, or NA positions. If your league doesn't allow benched players, you'll need to drop the injured player to pick up another player.