Automatic email forwarding in Yahoo Mail

Automatic forwarding sends a copy of incoming messages from one account to another. The forwarding address needs to be a different email from your alternative email address on file.

Turn on Mail Forwarding

  1. Mouse over the Settings menu icon Image of the Settings icon. | select Settings.
  2. Click Accounts.
  3. Click the primary Yahoo account.
  4. Go down and select Forward.
  5. Enter the forwarding address.
  6. Select Store and forward or Store and forward and mark as read.
  7. Click Verify.
    - A verification email will be sent to that email address.
  8. Click Save.

Verify your forwarding address.

You must verify your account before forwarding will work.

  1. Access the email account you're forwarding to.
  2. Open the verification email we sent.
  3. Follow the email's instructions to verify your account.