Common concerns regarding Yahoo Account domain extensions

This article address common questions such as:

  • Why did my domain change?
  • Can I change my Yahoo domain?

Here are some common concerns regarding your Yahoo domain extension:

You would like to change the domain of your Yahoo address to something different:

The domain of your Yahoo Mail address is determined by the Yahoo site through which you sign up for an account and also by the language preference you select at the time of registration. Currently, it's not possible to change the domain of your existing Yahoo email address.

The domain of your Yahoo Mail address has changed:

Previously, our system was set to allow email to a Yahoo ID to be delivered regardless of the domain to which it was addressed. Emails addressed to your Yahoo ID with an incorrect international domain are no longer redirected to the appropriate Yahoo ID and domain.

For example, if your Yahoo account is "", and someone addresses a message to "", in the past, our system would automatically route the message to the "" address. An email sent to the incorrect domain will no longer be delivered, and the person who sent the email should receive a notification that the message could not be received. 

To sign up for a specific regional account, see our list of available countries and register an account through the Yahoo site selected.

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