What SSL is and how it works

SSL is used to protect data that's sent between a website and a web browser. It stands for Secure Sockets Layer.

If you have a Yahoo Web Hosting or a Yahoo Merchant Solutions account, you can set up SSL on your website using 256-bit encryption, the industry standard. Learn how to set up SSL.

Secure connections are important when gathering information from your website visitors through a web form. When a visitor submits information using a form that's in a secure directory, the information is encrypted. This protects the data and your visitor's personal information.

How SSL works

When you use an encrypted SSL connection to send data between a web browser and your website server, this means the data is encrypted while it's being sent and is decrypted when it's received. SSL can prevent unauthorized parties from gaining access to sensitive, confidential, or personal information like phone numbers or addresses.

How your visitors can tell if SSL is being used

Website pages using an SSL connection will show your visitors a lock icon in their web browser. This lets your visitors know that data transferred between your website and their web browser is secure. Most website visitors demand this protection when shopping online or when submitting personal information or sensitive data through a web form.

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