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Safeguarding your Yahoo account

Keep your account more secure with these top safety tips.

  Important: Your Yahoo ID and password are your own confidential information. No Yahoo employee will ever ask you for your password in an unsolicited phone call or email message.

1. Change your password and choose it wisely

Quick Tip: Be sure to use a unique password each time and never share passwords across websites.

2. Update your current account recovery information

  • Be sure that your alternate email address and mobile number are up-to-date. Check out our video for more info.
  • If you currently have security questions on file, you can update your security questions at any time.

  Don't have security questions on your account? You may be asked to create two new ones when you log into your account from a desktop computer. If not, this means we already have trusted account recovery info on file for you.

3. Add an alternate email address and mobile number to your account

Keep it safe! Have a recovery link sent to your email or SMS message sent to your mobile to recover your password if you ever lose access to your account. Learn how to add an alternate email address or mobile number.

4. Create an App-specific password

To protect your account, you're required to generate a one-time password, separate from your Yahoo account password, when you use non-Yahoo apps.

5. Always sign out after each session

This is especially important if you use a public or shared computer.

Tip: If you've selected the Remember my ID on this computer box, signing out will disable that option.

6. Check your account Login Activity

Periodically check the login activity in your account to make sure you recognize the locations of each log in. If you see unfamiliar logins, secure your account immediately.

7. Be aware of strange or unknown links

Don't click on unknown links sent through messaging applications like Mail and Messenger.

 Tip: For more ways to protect your information online, please visit the Yahoo Security Center.


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