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Store Warning Messages

If Yahoo Store notices a potentially suspicious order, it will display a warning on the order page. Such a warning does not necessarily mean the order is fraud, only that some aspect of the order fits the profile of a potentially fraudulent transaction or may be part of a suspicious pattern.

For example, if someone has placed large orders from five different stores with five different credit card numbers, future orders from that person would probably be marked suspect. But, this doesn't necessarily mean there is a problem with the order; it could just be a someone with a lot of credit cards on a shopping spree

So remember, the warnings are simply to let you know that a problem might exist. When Yahoo identifies an order as a Suspect Order, it means that there is some attribute of the order that may indicate a heightened risk of fraud, but it could be legitimate.

When you get a warning message with an order, or you notice yourself that it has some of the signs of fraud, be sure to check the order carefully before shipping.

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